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Daily Mail: Fantasy Football Codes

What is Daily Mail Fantasy Football? If you wish to find answers this question and learn much more about fantasy football, then it is quite likely that you will have a few reasons to find this article interesting and informative.

Bethard Fantasy Football

Football without an iota of doubt is one of the most popular games in the country and across the world. There are thousands and perhaps millions who watch the match and follow football merely because of their passion towards the game.

There are an equally large number of people who watch football for making money, and they bet on the various games. Then, there is something known as fantasy football which also is becoming quite popular these days.


Daily Mail Fantasy Football


Put in plain and simple words, when we talk about terms like Daily Mail fantasy and other such terms, we are referring to the selection of football teams which will not actually play on the football ground but teams which will be used for building points and based on such accumulation of points money is made or lost. 


Mail Fantasy


Before getting into the reasons as to why Mail fantasy soccer is so famous let us have some basic understanding of fantasy football.

From a layman’s perspective, when we talk about fantasy football, we are talking about having an imaginary team that will be selected based on the various teams that are putting up their players for sale.


There Are Some Rules and Regulations to Be Followed


It has to be borne in mind that there are some rules and regulations pertaining to fancy teams and the same have to be followed in letter and spirit.

For example, when you are planning to choose a fantasy team of Daily Mail, you have to understand the need to go by what they have to say as far as a number of players are concerned, the number of transfers allowed, the point systems for goals scored, for goals saved and so on. Unless you are sure about all these important points, it would not be advisable to move forward.


What Have They to Offer?


When we talk about quality fantasy football teams, there is no doubt that Daily Mail could be the obvious choice for many. This is because they cater to a big list of managers.



They have both a free version and paid version. The prize money is obviously much higher and could be as high as £10 for each team. However, the rules governing both the free and paid options are the same as that is applicable for Fantasy Football teams. The scoring systems are easy and not very difficult to understand.

In a paid game, you can pick up a team of 16, and you have a budget of 75-million-pound sterling. You are also allowed to make 25 transfers all through the season, but you will be able to transfer only 5 players per month.

The weekly team which you select must be from the approved formation of 4-4-2, 5-4-1, 5-4-2 or even 4-5-1. On the other hand, when you choose a free team your total budget available will be only £55 million.


Daily Mail Fantasy


Further, you must choose from a formation of 4-4-2 or 5-3-2. Within a season, you can make 45 transfers. These are distributed over 3 different phases throughout the season. You can do only 15 transfers per phase and the transfers per week are also capped at 3.


A Look at the Scoring System


The scoring system is also based on the fantasy league, and it is simple and easy to follow. It is getting 3 points for each goal scored, 2 for giving assistance.

There are points that are awarded to keepers and defenders. They are eligible to get 1 point each provided they play for 75 minutes, and 2 points will be theirs if they are able to maintain a clean sheet.


Daily Mail: Fantasy Football Codes


There are many reasons as to why it makes a lot of sense to go in for Mail Fantasy Football. The most obvious reason is that it is bound by fantasy football rules. In fact, it would be pertinent to mention that apart from increased prize money of £10 new versions will also allow players to go in for two more packages of £15 and £20.



The prize money is also quite good and could range from 50000 pounds to around 100,000 pounds. Since the game is split into 3-month phases with a minimum prize money of 5000 pounds

There is also something known as Daily Mail fantasy football codes which if used could go a long way in improving the winning chances and help you to win some special prizes which otherwise may not be available. This coupled with something known as Raise the Bars could go a long way in making the whole event exciting and interesting.


Only One Registration Is Permitted


You have to bear in mind that only one registration is allowed per team and therefore if you wish to spread the risk around and go in for more than one team it would not be possible.


Mail Fantasy Football


Further, it also would be pertinent to mention that the prize money offered is not in the same range as that offered by many other big names like The Sun Dream Team. Hence, if you are looking for the megabucks, it might not be the place where one can be expected to get the best of returns on investment.


The Final Take


At the end of the day, there is no doubt that there are many reasons to believe, that Mail Fantasy Football is a good way to get into the field of fantasy football.

Though it may not be of the best in terms of payouts and features, there are many reasons to believe that it will offer quality services to customers and players and give beginners a new and versatile experience as far as fantasy football are concerned.


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