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Sky Fantasy Footy

Football is a highly popular sport, and it is generating millions of pound in revenue. Being an extremely popular sport, it is also receiving quite a high amount of money in the form of betting. Fans that are passionate and serious about the game are capitalizing their knowledge and are betting on the football gaming events.

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There are many football betting sites which have come up, and there is a range of attractive prizes which are offered to the bettors. The prizes can be as high as amounting to 100.000 pound for every football season.

Online football betting is the best option especially for those people who are trying the football betting for the first time and it is lot more fun too.


Sky Fantasy Footy


The Sky Fantasy Foot web site has the intuitive user interface and also another feature in the form of the assistant manager which extends the full guidance and support to the football bettors all throughout the football season.


Sky Fantasy Footy


After selecting the Sky Fantasy Footy, the punter will be taking the lead, and he will become the manager of the Sky Vegas team. The punter can formulate a functional team which comprises of the 11 players in real life, and the score of the team will depend on upon the actual performance of the players.

With the progress of the football season, the bettor has the provision to transfer the players, and he even has the flexibility to appoint a new captain for the team.


Registration Procedure


The registration procedure is quite simple, and one can indulge in the Sky Bet fantasy football free of cost.


Sky Fantasy Footy Registration


The punter has to follow the registration process and once registered with the website; he can immediately begin playing the game.

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For registration, the punter has to carry out the clicking of the registration button which is present on the website and can fill out all the details asked which include the name, date of birth along with the user name and the pin. Then immediately the bettor can login into the account with the help of the user id and the password.


Formation of a Team


  • Once the punter has logged in, he has to click the icon on the name of my teams and can utilize it for picking up the eleven players for making his team.

  • He also has the option to select the players from the list of the players which is provided to him, but he has to stay within the budgetary constraints.

  • There will be a listing of every player, the cost of the players and also the cost of the club of the players. After picking up the players, the punter can now look for the captain.

  • The players will be earning the double points, and it can be negative or positive.

  • The captain can be chosen by selecting one player from the team of 11 players. After finalizing the team and the captain, the bettor can click the submit team icon.


Bonuses and Rewards


The football betting site offers awards in the range of categories. For the whole season, the award for the top winner will be amounting to 30,000 pound and subsequently for those securing the rank 2 to 5; the prizes will be from the range of 1000 to 500 pound.

Sorare Fantasy Football

Along with that, there are a range of prizes to be won and one can also have the free of cost set up for the private league.


Point Scoring System


The point scoring system of the game is not at all complex. The punter will be awarded the points when a player will be playing the match in real life for a period of 60 minutes. There will be earning of the points when the player will be scoring a goal, assisting a goal or keeping a clean sheet .


Sky Fantasy Footy Scoring System


There can also be the deduction of the points of the punters when the player will be conceding a goal, missing a penalty kick or receiving a yellow card. Bonus points can also be awarded for the outstanding performance of the individual players.


Choose Your League


There is also the choice of the shuffling the players in the team. The selected team will  gain entry into the Sky Fantasy Footy, and the punter can either join the public league, or there can also be the provision for the creation of the private league for the bettor which will include just the bettor and his friends.


Sky Fantasy Footy Leagues


Punters can use the credit or the debit card to fund their gambling account, or there are also e-wallet sites which are quite commonly used by the bettors as they are fast and very less processing fees. The sites which accept the debit and credit card will accept the prepaid visa or the MasterCard also for funding.


Support and Guidance to the Punter


Playing the fantasy football is a lot of fun, and there are many websites which are offering some of the highly attractive prizes which can be as high to the extent of 100.000 pound for every football season.



The highly innovative assistant manager feature makes it extremely user-friendly and has been developed to provide the complete guidance to the bettor. Also with the launch of the mobile app, the punters can play the Sky Fantasy Footy from any place and also at any time.

The customer care support system of the website fully help the clients and provide them all sorts of knowledge about the football league and also help them for the various transfers, changes along with the regular updates on the condition of the players


Enjoy the Football Season Like Never Before


Sky Fantasy Footy is one of the amazing ways to enjoy the season of football for the football lovers. The game is also available in the form of mobile apps for the punters, and they can enjoy it from their mobile devices.


Sky Fantasy Footy Prizes


The app can be easily downloaded, and the bettors can sign up and create their free Sky Sports accounts and can play the game which is absolutely free and enjoy in. One can make a high amount of money through the high level of the knowledge and the money management skills.

The Sky Fantasy Football betting has become a global phenomenon now with some of the most exciting football betting apps, and there are many opportunities which are extended to the bettors giving them a chance to try some of the lucrative bets online.


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