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Telegraph Fantasy Racing

If you are on the lookout to choose the right fantasy horse racing portal, you could often find yourself in a state of confusion and indecision. This is because of so many options being made available.

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However, if one looks around and does a bit of research and goes to the right due to diligence process, there are reasons to believe that they will come across good fantasy horse racing options and alternatives.

Amongst the many such options available, there are reasons to believe that opting for Telegraph fantasy racing may not be a bad choice. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the various features which make them different from others.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing


One of the main reasons why it is considered so very special is because it is quite easy to bet on horses from the customers’ perspective. The website is extremely well designed and the best thing about is that it is quite simple and easy to use. There are basically three options available. The first one is to log in.

This can be done once a customer has registered himself or herself. The registration process is also quite simple and can be completed within a few minutes.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing Free Play


Once registered and logged in, the next option is to select a combination of three jockeys and three trainers. You also can choose three different jockeys and trainers separately.

The final step is to choose one horse for the entire week of racing. Once the above three steps have been gone through it would be now possible to start playing. Therefore, even ordinary persons with very little or basic knowledge of computers and the internet can get started without too much of bother.


How to Play Telegraph Fantasy Racing?


Though there are many horse racing games, it would be pertinent to mention that when one choose Telegraph fantasy racing, he or she would be mostly concentrating on the much talked about Cheltenham Festival. This is the biggest events, and it takes place from March 15 to 18. You can stand to win a prize of £1,000 and that too in cash.


Become a Fantasy Owner


You also have a chance to become a fantasy owner by selecting the right stable of trainers and jockeys as mentioned above.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing


You can also have the chance of picking one horse reach from the 28 horse races which are help during the above period. There are some basic rules and regulations with regard to the three jockeys and trainers which you have chosen. It would be interesting to have a look at the same over the next few lines.


A Look at the Fine Print Rules


You can score points from the three jockeys and trainers in a simple way. The trainers and jockeys will be participating in the 28 races as mentioned above. Based on winning positions and place positions you will be given points, and your score will go up.

You can also double the points for the much sought after Timico Cheltenham Gold Cup Steeple Chase which is help on Friday at 3.30 PM.


You Can Also Get Betting Credit


It would be pertinent to mention that when you take part in Telegraph fantasy racing, you will also be starting with 28 betting credit. These credits can be used in each race throughout the entire four-day racing festival. You will be getting additional score and points each time the horse you choose either wins or gets placed in the races.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing Win


At the end of the day, your main aim is to win the highest number of points so that you can win the first prize of £1000 as mentioned earlier. Remember you will be winning the prize money in cash, and this certainly is a big takeaway for most customers.


A Few More Points to Keep in Mind


As mentioned above registration is easy, and most importantly it is for free. It is possible for you to make changes to your trainers and jockeys till the scheduled start time of the first race as far as the festival is concerned.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing Stable


The time is 1.30 pm on Tuesday, and the date is March 15. Therefore, you have the flexibility of making race selection right up to the scheduled start time. This is something which catches the attention and liking of thousands of fantasy racing fans across the country.


It Is Also for Novices


One of the main reasons why it is considered so very popular is because even beginners and novices can be a part of this racing activity. There is something known as Auto Select Option which can be made use of. This is automated software built into the website.


Telegraph Fantasy Racing Prizes


It will choose a stable for you, and you can go by this. The choice is made carefully after evaluating various pros and cons and factoring the past track records of horses, jockeys, and trainers.

You also can choose the race selection quite easily, and there are daily race cards available which can help you in this task. You could also choose races based on names and colors. It is that easy.


It Allows Competing with Family/Colleagues and Friends


Another reason as to why it makes sense to choose Telegraph fantasy racing is because it could be a great way to spend some leisurely time enjoying with your family, friends, and colleagues.

To do this, you will be required to create a private league. This will give you the opportunity to take part in the races using your own private league. There is a Super League Section which will give the players more information on this.


Scores Are Updated Regularly


You would like to know our scores on a regular basis so that we can find out how near or far from the £1000 jackpot prize.

The points and tables are updated after completion of each race, and this will start happening from the day the races take place. Hence you can be sure that your scores are updated on a regular basis accurately and efficiently.


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