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If you are a lover of football, it is quite likely that apart from supporting your favorite team and players, you also would like your imagination to run wild. Towards this objective, there are quite a few things which you would like to do. There are many who gamble and bet on various teams and players.

Bethard Fantasy Football

There are millions who perhaps could be spending billions of dollars on betting. Then there is something known as fantasy football which is highly popular. It is a practice which has been there for many decades now.

It is a competition where you can create a fantasy football team of your own from the team and players who are taking part in various competitions. Based on their performance you can earn points, just for money and for money.


What is FFScout?


Put in plain and simple words, it is about putting together a winning football franchise. If you visit the Fantasy Football site, you will get the right chance to understand more about this. You will be the Coach of your team or the Manager and can select a team of best players from NFL and take part in the weekly matches.




The on-field performance of your team will decide on your overall success, and there is also big money involved. We will try and review Manchester United and a few of their matches based on their performance over the past few days and weeks.


Many Predictions May Have Gone Awry


It is quite likely that for many FFScouts betters and punter the prediction for Manchester United might have gone because of some obvious reasons. Per them, the main reason for the same could be because of the poor performance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sergio Aguero.

They were much below par. But the saving grace for Manchester United was perhaps Raheem Sterling. He played to his potential to ensure that at least one of the team of The Scouts could at least claim the bragging rights as they go into international breaks.


Who Was the Sensible Captain?


Though Aguero may have left the team down on the field, when it came to captaincy skills there is no denying the fact that he was a cut above the rest.



However, as far as Fantasy Managers of Man U are concerned, they perhaps did not get the desired returns even though the team scored a 2-1 win over West Ham.

However, the bad news is that Aguero could be heading for a ban and a big fine. This perhaps is the reason why he has been discarded by many fantasy managers as far as the week is concerned. 


The Next Player to Watch Out For


Eden Hazard is another player to watch out for. He was the recipient of 11 points from his fantasy team owners. This was because of scoring a goal and garnering the maximum points in the Fantasy Premier League which certainly is no mean achievement.

There are many who believe that now he could be ahead of Ibrahimovic and Aguero still has immense faith in him. He and his team now have to take on Swansea, and Eden Hazard certainly is in the running for the armband as far as the next week is concerned.


FFScout Picks


The reason why Ibrahimovic could not overtake Aguero is because he has been preferred only by 3% of all FPL Manager. This is not a bad number, but given the intense competition, he lags in the 10th position when it comes to being chosen as Captain Sensible.

Six players have left him behind on the table. Though he has the talent and attitude in him getting the armband for Captain Sensible could perhaps take some time.


A Few More Players to Consider


Moving away from Manchester United for a while there are many managers who have started showing keen interest on Diego Costa. In fact, many FFScout managers and those who gamble on it seemingly have developed new found excitement and interest for Costa.



This is because his performance over the past three weeks has been commendable. He has been the choice of top three captains in the NFL league, and this is certainly a big achievement.

But on the flip side managers are wary about his discipline and attitude in the playing arena. However, it is likely that he is going to some counseling and his performance and points on this attribute is slowly but steadily moving northward.


Midfield Choices


Now coming to the midfield, there are three names which are worth mention. They are Nolito, Adam Lallana, and Mirallas and out of which only Nolito figures in the Manchester United team. Adam Lallana has a point of 7.1 while the other two, i.e. Nolito and Mirallas have points of 9.0 and 6.6 respectively.

Though much was expected of Mirallas, he could not live up to the expectation though he did have a goal and an assist in his first two games.


Nolito And Lallana


Nolito comparatively may have had better outings in week 2 because of his ability to score two goals in just around 22 minutes.


FFScout Team


He was also in the playing eleven for Manchester United and played his part in some crucial assists which won him 5.2% ownership. However, his time on the playing arena has been only 154 minutes this season, and this is hindering his progress. Further Raheem Sterling being available at lower costs this is becoming even more difficult for him.




A bundle of energy and talent there are many who believe that often Lallana flatters to deceive as far as the FFScout review is concerned.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp however, has handled and managed Lallana quite well, but there are many who believe that Lallana has the potential to do much better. There is a natural comparison being drawn with Roberto Firmino and a few others.


Picks of Scouts


Ibrahimovic and Aguero continue to be the picks for Scouts and though they are expensive, they are perhaps worth it because of obvious reasons.


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