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Premier FantasyFootball League

Today football has grown into a massive sport and there are millions of fans across the country and around the world that show a lot of interest in the game. Compared to what it was a few decades there is no denying the fact that many thousands of individuals have started showing a keen interest in Premier FantasyFootball.

Bethard Fantasy Football

There could be many reasons attributable for this and the coming of age of new technology like computers and the internet certainly, has a big role to play.

However, even today the concept of fantasy football is alien to many, and the reason it might have been created is to satisfy the insatiable hunger for football who are unable to play the game the normal way due to a host of reasons.


Premier FantasyFootball League


It would be pertinent to mention here that the entire concept of Premier FantasyFootball is exciting and interesting, to say the least.


premier fantasyfootball


It is about people from different locations spread across different geographies coming together to play the team as per their wish and imagination.

Many of them form imaginary teams, and they choose the best-known players from various teams spread across the country and perhaps across the world too. The choice is made on various information and statistics available on the internet.

This information gives rating and scores to various players and teams considering various attributes and other such valuable information about players.Usually, players are picked up from a division of a specific country or countries.


Where Did It All Start?


The entire concept of fantasy football is the work of one Andrew Weinstein who is an Englishman. The game was created in 1991 because he was encouraged and motivated by the success of American fantasy sport.



This resulted in the birth of Fantasy League Ltd., and today it has grown in stature and size. It has become one of the biggest favorites for thousands of lovers of football as it is played in the country. This has resulted in the game becoming a big money spinner and a business opportunity worth millions of dollars.

However, the knowledge level of this game is still nascent amongst many people. Hence if you are keen on playing this game the right way, then it would be interesting to have a look at the various tips which could help you in more ways than one.


Pay Attention to Selecting the Right Team


The right starting point is to pay time and attention in selecting the right team. It would always be better to look out for two or three quality players spending money on them rather than splurging a few million dollars or Euros on fifteen-odd players.


fantasyfootball league


However, when it comes to spending money on these three players, you should not be stingy and should be ready to spend what is required of them.

However, this should be done the right research and analysis. You also have to bear in mind that each week you should line up eleven players and therefore you should have them ready at any given point of time.


The Captain Should Be Chosen Carefully


Not many people are aware that choosing a good captain could make a big difference to a good team.



Hence, each week you should put your mind into this job and be sure that you have the best captain to lead his team. This is easier said than done and there is no room for guesswork or acting based on instincts.

There are simple rules which if followed could help in more ways than one. It is important to have a look at the past form of the captain, his injury record and the suspensions which he may have got. It would be better to choose a captain who plays at least two matches per week.

Finally, it may not be advisable to stick on to the same player as captain. You must try and change him every week to get the best results.


Get into the Habit of Watching Football Regularly On TV


It is important to understand the need for watching all important games regularly on TV.


premier fantasyfootball follow on tv


It will help a lot in enhancing knowledge levels about various matches and will help you to keep a tab on the top performing teams and players. This certainly will help a lot in selecting the best players from the best teams. This will help you to be a much sought after FantasyFootball League participant over a period.


Make it Simple


Another important point is to make the selection of teams as simple and as possible. It does not mind even if you have the basic knowledge of the game.

What you are expected to have is a clear knowledge about the various teams, their performances over a period, their current forms, the performance and forms of key players, suspensions to key players if any and other such things.


premier fantasyfootball team selection


You must also try and find out the record of the team and the key players both at home and away from. All this information can be gathered without having to be an expert in the game. It is all about being in touch with the various sources of information and then deciding to move forward.

It is also expected that as a quality fantasy football player, you must be aware of the days in which some reputed and start players before to stay away. Though such days could be very few and far between, you should be aware of the same so that you are not caught napping.

Hence, it is all about doing your homework properly, going through the various due diligence processes and then getting into the actual arena of playing. It is a process and will take its own time and effort and to put it frankly there are no magic wands or overnight solutions to become a master in fantasy football game.


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