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FA PremierLeague Fantasy Football

Millions of football fans wait throughout the year for the time of premier league fantasy football like anything. If you have joined the league as a team owner already, then congratulations! You are going to have the time of your life in the coming weeks. But joining a popular league and winning as an owner are different ballgames altogether.

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Drafting is one of the keys to the ultimate success of a team owner in fantasy football. Should you handpick your QB (quarterback) with an astronomical sum? Or go for loaded running backs? There is no one method of fantasy drafting that can fetch you the trophy.

Rather, you should go for permutation and combination technique during mock drafting phase to pinpoint that line-up you like most. The following kickass strategies will help you more in order to draft like a pro, even if you are playing for the first time.


Do Your Homework Meticulously?


If you want to come out of premier league fantasy football as a victor, then the preparation must take place well ahead. You should draw up your own cheat sheet or follow one available on the internet. A cheat sheet is time-saving and will cut you some slack when the crucial time of drafting comes around finally.

Not only cheat sheets, but the projection points are equally helpful to let you decide, which players to poach in order to fill up the distinctive place amidst the six positions. FFtoolbox scout should be your go-to place in order to download cheat sheet and projection point templates, if you are too lazy to make one for yourself.


PremierLeague Fantasy Football


That’s why the idea of mock drafting is so important, especially if you are a first time player in FA premier league fantasy football. Practicing it few times will give you an immense confidence boost so that you won’t look clueless on an actual day.

Also carrying few tools with you is important on the drafting day such as: clipboards, pen/pencil, a sheaf of paper, the grid for drafting roasters to name a few. Examining the actions of other drafters and deducing valuable lessons from them is also part of homework process.


Bargain Like a King


Bargaining plays a significant role when it comes to determining, whether you are coming out with flying colors or a loss scorecard with your drafting.

A player is good till that point of his not faltering due to injury or a sudden dash of bad form. Then your focus should veer towards the arsenal of your opponent team owner, and you must look for an opportunity to bargain.



Premier league fantasy league is full of twists and turns. Even the top overall selector can fail miserably to score for your team in 3-4 consecutive matches. So make up your mind.

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Don’t get worried too much by thinking that you may have to be on your toes all the time, even before the season of FA premier league fantasy football begins.

To make things simpler, why don’t you understand ADP (or Average Draft Position)? ADP can surprise you and have your burden of learning drafting rules, as it plays an instrumental role in gauging the thoughts of your competitors.


FA PremierLeague Fantasy Football


A website like 4 For 4, gives out tons of materials on deciphering ADP. Visit it to prepare yourself for the D-day of drafting. Do keep note of some basic rules. If a player positions himself between 13-24 ADP, then he shows the possibility to get drafted in round 2. Similarly, a 25-36 ADP indicated to round 3 drafting, and so on.


Don’t Miss the Fun Till It Lasts


If you are drafting online, then you can do it in your pajama with unkempt hair and stubbly cheeks. But if you are going to a meeting, then don’t forget to wear your best semi-formal attire and a pleasant demeanor.

In a big tournament like premier league fantasy league, the mood of the drafting room can be electrifying with lots bundles of nervous energies. But showing your best face forward, you can pave a clear path to broaden your network.



Take the whole premier league fantasy football with a pinch of salt. What about getting so anxious about the drafting, that you forget the deadlines of paying fees?

Don’t go for a budget that can hamper your bankroll for a long period of time. If you are dying to join the league but still unprepared, then it’s better to play the free games and participate in the public league to mint fun, rather than going all gung-ho.


Don’t Get ‘Star’ Struck


Most of the team owners in premier league fantasy football tend to be scathingly loyal towards their favorite clubs and pick up players only from there.

But do you know the little secret of success in a cut-throat game? You don’t have to purchase players from the club you follow. There is a stark difference between rooting for your team from the gallery and drafting for fantasy team online.



Also being ‘star-struck’ is another moot point that comes up now-and-then when analysis of defeat takes place. Being a start performer or bragging about top-notch sponsors doesn’t mean that the player can be fruitful for your team.

Your team should be a motley of good players, not a mishmash consisting low performers- while one or two big names thrown here and there. Also, don’t always go for veteran players as last picks. This is another grave mistake quite common among first-time bettors in fantasy leagues.

A veteran player with a starry previous track record, or who is about to retire, shouldn’t be on your list. Your penny must be invested in bringing up an underdog-dog.



Value is the word, you should yearn for in fantasy football. Right from choosing your league to drafting, always thinks points-per-million. Apart from that, listen to others and keep your mouth shut, if you lack experience here. There’s much to learn from your fellow team member, your mentor or seasoned colleagues.

Lastly, the internet has a vast selection of sites, reports, and forums to guide you through each step of this terrific journey called fantasy football.


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