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Telegraph Fantasy Cricket

The term fantasy cricket is considered as a part of the genre belonging to the fantasy sports. It is basically an online gaming system where you have the allowance and chance to create your own cricket team though virtually.

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Your team will consist of some of the chosen cricket players in real life and they will score points which basically depend on how they play and how many matches your team would win. In order to win a tournament, you and your team have to gain the maximum number of points and will have to be at the peak on the core board.

There are so many things you can get to know in telegraph fantasy cricket. The new thing that has come up is the game is the Telegraph fantasy cricket for real time and that means before you select the team for yourself before the starting of a cricket match what you can do is you can predict regarding what the score will be or the maximum number of runs in the following over.

You can also make predictions on how many runs the batsman will be able to score. If your predictions which you have made are correct then you can win points for that.


Telegraph Fantasy Cricket


Telegraph fantasy cricket is considered a game requiring certain amount of skills. To be specific is it not at all related to any gambling gaming or betting of that sort.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket

In gambling of betting, the gambler needs to select one team for himself but in fantasy cricket the player is required to have certain knowledge and experience in order to choose the best players so that he can gain the maximum number of points and be on rank one.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket League

There the player would make the best and the strongest cricket team for himself. So it has got a lot of difference when compared to betting or gambling. If you are a cricket enthusiast, then this can be the game for you my friend. 


Increasing popularity of online cricket gaming


Telegraph fantasy is kind of a medium which helps you to interact and connect yourself with the sports you love. This is one such game which the cricket lovers will definitely adore and like. The game required detailed knowledge about the cricket and its specifications. 

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It might sound hard for us but the cricket lovers will definitely relate to the game and know the important rules and regulations.  This telegraph fantasy cricket is generally based on the order involving bowling and along with that batting. If any change occurs in the order, then the whole course of the game can get changed.

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The player has to make a team of eleven players and he has to elect them form the players available whom he wants to play in the match. The selection process does not require any budget.

There is no limitation while selecting the players. The main aim should be to win the maximum number of cricket matches and gain as many points as you can.


How to play the fantasy cricket game?


First of all, you need to select eleven players who will score maximum number of points in order to be at the top of the county championship of 2016 when it comes to batting or bowling against the opposition team. The main aim of the telegraph fantasy cricket is to score high points so that your team can defeat the opposition team easily.



As you are the one making your team you always have the liberty to change players whenever you want to. If you find any player not performing up to the mark or underperforming continuously then you can simply replace him with a good player. You can also play completely on your own and along with your players as well.

There are many cricket competing games every year. In order to join you would have to register in that particular game and then you can enroll yourself for the cricket matches. If you have gained enough points, then you can save some for other matches as well.

How to Play Telegraph Fantasy Cricket?

You can also join an elite league if you think you excel in selecting the best among the players. If you ever want to join three elite leagues, then you have to make three separate teams.  The fantasy cricket aims at making your summer more exciting and enthralling by making you join and win the county championship of the recent season.

If you want to make it more interesting, then you can also make a private league where you can create a little competition with your friends only. You would not be charged any extra money for making your own private league. 

The county challenge is referred to the cricket competition which depends on the cricket matches which are generally played in the specs avers county championship. In order to log in you need to register your own account and follow the given steps accordingly.

Telegraph Fantasy Cricket Prizes

You need to provide all your authenticated details as said in the guiding steps and ten you can successfully log in once you have created your account.  If you are strong lover of cricket, then you will know all the tricks and strategies that can be used to win the match.

If you are experienced, then by seeing the condition of the pitch you can arrange your players for the cricket match. You should put much focus on your players as by knowing their bowing and batting forms you will be able to select whom to go first in the field to play against the opposition team on the ground. 

You must have proper planning and strategies and you should replace your players very wisely. It is not necessary to select the most expensive players.

You can also select the not s famous players as they might bring you more points than the expensive ones and they will also save your money. Hence you can enjoy your summer playing the fantasy cricket.


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