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English Premier League Fantasy Football Tips

Real football fans know the importance of fantasy league, and that’s why when it’s the season of English Premier League or any other international football tournament, they set for playing along with the real games.

Bethard Fantasy Football

If you are a true football fan, you know what Premier League Fantasy Football is. After all, this league gives you a chance to own you’re with the team while being the manager of it.


Why Fantasy Football League Is So Interesting?


A crazy football fan is aware of fantasy football. This is a virtual football game where you can pick your favorite players and make your own dream team. Your score points decide which real players you can include in your team. Usually, gamers choose football players from a specific division of a country.


Premier League Fantasy Football Tips


The fantasy football was started from 1991, by an enthusiast of football, Andrew Weinstein, an Englishman. He was so impressed with the American fantasy sport that he started fantasy football league. Today, fantasy football has become immensely popular among football lovers around the world.


Scoring Tips in Fantasy Football


Now, if you are a beginner, you will need Premier League Fantasy Football tips to win big. To score maximum points and score well, English Premier League Fantasy Football tips can help.



Before sharing any tips, we would like to inform you that this game is also for fun. So, it is very important to check out if you are having real fun while playing fantasy football. If you are a pro, just check these tips and brush up your skill more.


Selecting the Right Team Is Important


This is the first criteria to win the game. Instead of spending 100 pounds on each player you can pick 2 to 3-star players in your team. In that case, there is nothing to be afraid to invest big on these star players.



Every week you get a chance to set 11 players' team. So, keep 3 stars in your team and arrange others around them


Check out the Fixture List


Whether English premier league or Ladbrokes Premier League Fantasy Football tips, this is one of the most important tips to check out.


Premier League Fantasy Football


Has a minute looked at the fixture list? Remember, there are teams which play every week, even twice and some teams which never play at all.

You should pick your players from the teams which play twice a week. You have to be very minute while watching games to monitor the players who are playing twice a week. Select them for your team.


Be Careful While Choosing Captain


The captain of the team is almost the rudder of a ship. So, you have to be very careful while choosing the captain so that you face a lesser downfall.



The task is tricky, and only guesswork won’t help that much here. You can follow the following simple rules before selecting captains:


  • Keep a closer look to injuries and suspensions.

  • Prefer to choose a captain from the team which plays twice a week games.

  • Never continue with the same player every week. Changing can be the secret to winning.



Never Miss a Match on TV


Being a crazy football fan is the only criteria of playing fantasy football league. You should be crazy about football. If you watch football regularly on TV, you can keep account of the players, their style of playing, skills, injuries and all.

This will help you to choose not only the star players of your team but also concentrate on the newbie who can come up as a star.


Tips to Be a Successful Manager of Your Dream Team


Owning a team in fantasy football league is easy but being a manager is not a simple task. You have to be a football aficionado for that.



To enjoy the excitement of the football games and to score big in every week, you have to be a skilled manager. And for that, you need some tips.


‘Injury’ Is a Scary Word


Injuries can make players suspended from games. Not only can that but injured players from last season, also give you a slow start which you can’t afford.


English Premier League Fantasy Football Tips


Every bit of fantasy football is dynamic, and all its dimensions are ever changing. So, you can’t stay satisfied with your team; you should look out for more opportunities and most importantly, keep a close look at players who can offer value.


Never Ignore Statistics


Check out the past and present statistics of teams and players’ performance and use those as your benefit.

Monitoring the statistics of any sports is very crucial, and football is not an exception. So, keep your eyes on the statistics.


Monitor Players’ Form


It is quite natural that players will go through ups and downs in their performances. You have to be very minute while selecting players for your team.

Check out their present form and then invest for him. You should not be stuck with one player as changing players is the open secret to be successful in fantasy football games.


Have Patience


This is the most important tip you can get to become successful in English Premier fantasy football league. You have to admit the fact, that every player won’t play every day and you have to face the day when no strategies will click and maybe, no players can give their best.

The key to getting back into the game is patience. There are many gamers who have changed his core team within short gaps and watched hopelessly that the players are scoring well in others’ team. You need not be panicked. Use your wildcards carefully and remember there is also 4-point transfer penalty there.

Whatever you get here are just the basics. You will need your hunches, intuition, special skills, instinct and obviously, enough knowledge about football.

As a beginner, you can try your luck with your family members or close friends before facing tough competition. Practice will make you perfect and play with professionals will be much more entertaining and exciting.


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