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National Football League (Fantasy Football)

Are you a crazy fan of a football game? How about having your own team to play a league? In Fantasy Football National Football League, you can now be the manager of your own football team.

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So, you have the responsibility to participate in competitive leagues and win over it. The adrenaline rush you will get from this fantasy football league is almost equal to any big game. And like the best team manager, your goal is to get the most skilled players in your team.


National Football League (Fantasy Football)


Fantasy football is the replica of the original National Football League. It is a football video game, developed in 1989, by Interactive and it was published in LJN, only for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This league is only for those who have a keen interest in football games.



Having ideas about playing the game is not enough, you also have to be interested in owning and managing your virtual team in a way so that you can get the top place on the leaderboard.

In fantasy football league, all contestants build their own team that matches the original teams in the NFL. The scores are decided by adding the actual scores of the team, participating in the NFL league. You will get several contestants who own other virtual teams, and you need to compete with them.


Tips to Pick Your Team


You need them as you are competing to win.


NFL past perfomance


If you are a pro, this little help will assist you to brush up your skills, while these tips will help the beginners to give a tough fight. Have a look:


  1. Thorough research work is very much needed. You should study the team members and their past season’s performances.

  2. Know how your team has played in the last season and if they won, then by how much?

  3. Know well about the key players of your team. Also, have an idea about the players who have not shown up till.

  4. To create the best fantasy league football, the most important thing you should remember is the statistics.

  5. You should also concentrate on upcoming players who have shown skill in the last season.

  6. Another important duty as the team manager is to understand the health condition of your team members. Is there any injured player in your team? That can cause a slow start.

  7. Prepare a wish list of players you want to be on your team. Always keep second choices.


Types of Fantasy Football Leagues


Usually, there are two major types of fantasy football leagues: head-to-head and total points. But, there are several other leagues also.


national football league fantasy football head to head


As a team manager, you should determine in which league you want to participate. The common fantasy football leagues are:


  • Head-to-Head Leagues: In this league, you have to face another team every week. The team, who scores maximum, wins the game for that week. The scoring system of the team is directed by the stand set of the website or the custom set by the commissioner.

  • Total Points League: Instead of concentrating much on the win and lose, the main aim of this league is to check the total points, accumulated by the teams on a continuous basis.

  • Dynasty League: This league is quite different from redraft leagues. Here, you can retain your player’s year after year.

  • Salary Cap League: Apart from these above leagues, this is another type of fantasy football league. Specifically, salary cap league is a type of dynasty league where another important feature of the real NFL League is attached. That is a salary cap. Like the real league, here also players are associated with a specific salary and the total amount, spent on the total team is known as the salary cap.


Popularity of Fantasy Football Leagues


It is true that NFL Fantasy Football League started its journey from 1989, but it has reached the top only with the advent of the internet. Previously, it was only played by the elite group, but now, the game has gained popularity among all.


national football league fantasy research


Statistics says the popularity of the game is so vast that around 30 million online players are associated with the game, and most surprisingly, 6.5 million of them are women. Per another record, people spend $110 (approx.) in a year on their fantasy football franchises.


Something More on the Game


The developers of the Fantasy Football Leagues are dedicated to making it as real as the NFL Leagues to make the virtual one the greatest experience for football-lovers. There are two defenders, one kicker, two tight ends, minimum two quarterbacks and three running backs in the leagues.


national football league fantasy football players


The score of the teams is accumulated with the total score of the real teams in the actual NFL league.


Make Your Sundays ‘Fun-Days’ with Fantasy Football League


You don’t need to wait long for the real NFL season anymore. Own a team at fantasy football league and be the manager. You can play with your friends on weekends.


national football league fantasy football


In a regular season, there are sixteen games. If your team stands undefeated on the fifteenth week, you will get ‘Fantasy Superbowl’ in the sixteenth week of any regular seasons. Usually, the league starts around the end of August. Competitors start with drafting teams with which they will compete throughout the season.


Injuries Are Serious


Fantasy Football League is awesome until you hear the word ‘Injury.' Being a manager it is your most important duty to have every information and statistics of your team members, especially if there are any incidents of injury.

Your drafting should be based on this information. No matter how great player you pick, if he is injured or went through any injuries at the previous season, your game will be affected. So, you get here enough information about fantasy football league.

Hopefully, you are attracted a lot to the theme. Get informed about the NFL season and start drafting your dream team to catch a big win.


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